Fawad Khan as Oochi in Oye Hoye TVC

Oye Hoye! Fawad Khan & Oochi Are Back!

[Pakistan, Tuesday 2nd August’16]: Pakistan’s heartthrob Fawad Khan is back as the unconventional and loveable Oochi, the bantering between the two getting only better in the latest TVC of Pakistani potato chips brand Oye Hoye. Fawad is once again seen in this double role in the entertaining new TVC, where the superstar comes face to face with his alter ego Oochi.

The advertisement starts off with a group of friends, including Oochi, watching Fawad Khan on television. A playful conversation leads to Oochi sharing his own experience of bumping into Fawad in a lift. Instead of being awestruck by the superstar and his persona, Oochi’s behaviour manages to leave Fawad stunned as he is not allowed to get in a word edgewise. Oochi revels in the attention being given to him by bystanders as the lift doors open, until he realises the reason for this, which Fawad points out to him as he leaves the lift.

The adorable character of Oochi, which was created with Fawad’s own input, was introduced to audiences earlier this year. The character has since then gone on to build an ever-growing fan base, much like Fawad.

Oye Hoye is undoubtedly one of the recent success stories in the Pakistani snacks industry. The young brand has managed to build a very credible name for itself, with its high quality and flavorful potato chips widely available in 6 innovative flavors across Pakistan.

True to its personality the brand has effectively captured its target audience, the youth, through its quirky marketing communication. All campaigns have been designed to relate specifically to young minds, breaking away from the run-of-the-mill concepts and phrasings.

Oochi can be seen in the latest Oye Hoye TVC here:


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