Riotarts Logo Goes Live!

Farhad Humayun ushers in a new, better era for music in Pakistan.


[Pakistan, Monday, 28th April’14]: Ever since Farhad Humayun made an unofficial announcement at Riot Studios last month, regarding the upcoming launch of his self-funded endeavour, everyone, and especially the music community of Pakistan, has been anxiously waiting for the site to go live. As of 23rd April 2014, Pakistan’s first music web channel, is officially up and available for viewing!

Farhad Humayun, founder, singer and drummer for Overload began work on riotarts last year as he felt that Pakistani artists deserve to have a platform through which they can share their work with the world. After the ban on YouTube in Pakistan musicians have had few outlets through which to showcase their songs and videos. This is where comes in. is a dedicated web channel through which Pakistani musicians can upload and share their music for fans to listen to, the world over. However, the site is not limited to established musicians. Underground bands and artists are also welcome to send in their work to the riotarts team. Once the song/video is approved by the team it will be uploaded on to the site. Keeping in mind international sites, the design team behind riotarts have kept the style of the website appealing, simple and easy to navigate. Visitors to the site have the option to watch videos or simply listen to the audio of songs from their favourite bands. To submit a file to the site all one has to do is create an account, the steps for which are easy-peasy.

Industry veterans and icons such as Rohail Hyatt, Bilal Maqsood, Salman Ahmed, Faakhir and Haroon have already sent in words of encouragement along with their belief that the creation of riotarts is a vital step towards collectively representing and developing the industry.

It is time that people in Pakistan start taking matters into their own hands instead of sitting around and waiting, and that is exactly what Farhad Humayun has done through the creation of

All musicians should hop on to and start sharing their tunes today so that their fans can finally start accessing the great music that is being produced in the country, without having to download various VPNs.

As the site is currently in its testing phase it is only available for viewing on PC. However, the riotarts team would like to assure their followers that the Mac & Mobile versions will be releasing soon so that with the introduction of 3G people will have 24/7 access to and updates on Pakistani music.

Check out RiotArts at

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